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At Trombetta, we are all about FAMILY , FOOD & WINE, but not necessarily always in that order.

We make PINOT NOIR and CHARDONNAY varieties that reflect their background...the vineyard, appellation, and winemaking all play equal roles in creating the wine in your glass. Erica spends as much time in the vineyard as in the winery, working with top growers in the PETALUMA GAP, SONOMA MOUNTAIN and RUSSIAN RIVER VALLEY areas. Transparent winemaking allows each vineyard to have its own voice.

Private wine club event at the Family Estate.

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The Food Lover's Wine

As Italians, we love good food and we love good wine so we wanted to make great food wines, just not in the traditional sense. When people say “food wines” they mean the wine goes well, or even tastes better, with food. Trombetta Family Wines are more like “food lover's” wine. Even though our wines are delicious on their own (and in fact you should drink your first bottle that way to discover their lush flavors without distraction), they are ultimately meant to increase enjoyment OF your food. Some even say that dinner guests are more enjoyable when drinking Trombetta Family Wines!

Join our Family Table Try our Recipes


Pancetta pairs perfectly with our Pinot.

Slicing Charcuterie at the Wine Club Party

Rickey helps slice charcuterie for the wine club release party.

Mussels, clams and lemons for paella

The seafood is prepped for Rickey’s perfect paella!


Our GARDEN surrounds us with vegetables, fruit, bees, chickens, and the occasional dog or two.

The garden is our raison d’etre. It’s where we go for inspiration and where we harvest our meals. Thoughts about wine touch each selection. Just as the way the right frame can enhance a great painting, we believe wine allows each nuance to be discovered in fresh, healthy food. Likewise, food adds detail and complexity to the wine. Life is better in balance.


Vegetables prepped for the wood-burning oven.


Garden artichoke and lady bug friend.