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Pinot Days - San Francisco Nov. 10th, 2018

Posted on Oct 1, 2017

Pinot Days - San Francisco Nov. 10th

Pinot Days is the largest gathering of Pinot Noir producers in the world. It has to be; Pinot Noir is exceptionally and stylistically diverse. Our aim is to give every Pinot lover a place to “go deep” within the style you love. And, if you’re open to venturing outside of your comfort zone, here you can learn about, and quite possibly love, other styles. We gather hundreds of Pinot Noir winemakers to pour hundreds of Pinots that range from the picture of elegance to forward-thinking and “wow.”

14th Annual Pinot Days

San Francisco Grand Festival

Our original city, Pinot Days San Francisco launched a decade of seriously fun events featuring Pinot Noir and the passionate, fascinating winemakers who craft it. Now our biggest event, Pinot Days San Francisco has become the largest single gathering of Pinot Noir producers in the world, with scores of small, thematic, intimate events around the Bay leading up to our Grand Festival at the Bespoke at Westfield. Love Pinot? There is no better place to immerse yourself in it than Pinot Days San Francisco – a must, a labor of love for us, and the place and time for Pinot Noir to sit on its much-deserved pedestal.

Pinot Days San Francisco celebrates the amazing noble grape in all its gloriously diverse styles, and this year’s offering is more broad and complete than ever. Over 80 artisan winemakers representing every domestic Pinot Noir region will pour the fruits of their craft, each sharing their unique interpretation of Pinot Noir and the stories of their winemaking.